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Learn To Sing - Course Reviews

Below you will find side by side comparisons of 3 top 'Learn to Sing' websites & interactive courses. Singorama is our number 1 pick as their course covers everything you need to know about learning to sing, how to perfect your tone, and how to maintain a strong singing voice. Singorama uses a range of valuable learning methods including lesson books, audio tracks, computer games, and great vocal software. This makes learning to sing fun, and inspires you to keep building your vocal range. Singing Success by Brett Manning comes in at number 2 as it doesn't include all of the great information found in Singorama, but his course uses quality, proven singing techniques.

Before you choose a Learn to Sing course think about how you learn best. Most people find it easier to learn using written and audio techniques, however some people prefer solely written instruction. We wish you all the best of luck in your learn to sing journey.


Singoram - by Emily Mander

Our Number One: Singorama by Emily Mander

Singorama combines Emily Mander's years of singing experience with diverse, effective learning techniques. This package covers everything you need to take you from absolute novice to having the confidence and skill to sing like a professional in front of any size crowd.

The written aspects of Singorama are professionally presented in a clear, step by step manner. As well as written material, you receive great audio tracks and software such as the 'Virtual Recording Studio,' where you simply plug a microphone into your computer and you've got your very own recording studio complete with virtual piano.

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Singing Success - by Brett Manning

Runner Up: Singing Success by Rona Waterman

Rona Waterman's course teaches you how to increase your vocal range by an extra octave. Step by step tips, and her down to earth teaching style makes it simple to understand the process of learning to sing and increasing your vocal range.

While you don't get all of the great software found in Singorama, Rona's course does include user friendly notes, photos & diagrams, and audio tracks to keep you on the right track. Rona Waterman is a very popular singing teacher and his passion for singing is evident in her courses.

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